See what??

I've seen this commercial around 2 times now. As the commercial starts, you hear the voice-over say something about reducing lines around the lip, that come with age... something that makes the lips look more plump etc.

Now one would think that most of such a commercial would center around the model's lips - which the camera does at the start of the ad, to demonstrate the age-related lines and capsizing (well, I exagerate) lips. But as the commercial continues. the models whole face is revealed in the 'after' shot. And guess what? You end up noticing her brilliant, blue eyes! Yes, yes - cognitive dissonance and all that - but how is that a good thing, when it completely takes the viewers attention away from the intended message? Even more baffling is that the model wears a very subtle shade of lipstick - tres chic, but the close-up of her face has only one feature you end up noticing: her eyes!

My verdict:
-203: it's a random number I picked to convey that not even the brand being advertised stayed in my head!

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