Customer dis-service!

Recently, I stopped at this strip mall for some dinner. My niece helped me find the place, and we were all set to eat some 'Dosa'. As was my 4-yr old :-)

However, when we got to the shopping area, we saw another Indian restaurant that had us salivating and running in as soon as we saw the name of the restaurant: Paradise Biriyani. Some context here: Paradise is an area in the city of Secunderabad, India, that's famous for its rendition of a delectable rice-lamb/chicken dish, called "Biriyani". I grew up feasting regularly on Biriyani, or just gulping in the all-pervading aroma if I was ever within a mile of the area.

So - as you can imagine, a place with the same name sounded like a sure bet I'd get the authentic version, so in the 3 of us rushed. Only then I realized that my son would find the Biriyani too spicy. So I asked the waiter if I could bring in one dosa for my son, while my neice and I ordered Biriyani. He looked all flustered, and called who I assume was the person-in-charge. Yup, you guessed it - he flatly refused!!! I explained, it was only for my little boy, who would not be able to eat the spicy Biriyani. But no, he would not relent!

Now mind you, it was a Friday evening at around 8:00 - prime time for Indian restaurants, yet he hardly had any customers. So it's not like he was on the Demand-Supply high-ground: nooooo, he was just sticking to his policy! I marched out, syaing "Your loss", and as the door shut behind me, I heard his indignant voice say, "Yeah that's OK". Darn right buddy, it is OK. Not only will I NEVER eat at your restaurant, I will tell every one who'll lend me a ear, about my experience! Just did ;-)

Hah - guess there was a reason his restaurant was empty on a Friday evening!!! Needless to say, the 3 of us feasted on some good Dosas that evening :-)

The verdict:
I won't even bother with stars - Mr. Policy, you don't even register on my radar.

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