A billboard with a difference

Here's a billboard that caught my ear (yes, ear, not eye) the other day. I heard a story about it on the radio.

I was driving up on I-287 N, on the way to meet a friend back from my high school days, when I turned my dial to a station that had the news on. The reporter was talking about a crime that had been solved earlier that morning (Nov. 9th). This had been a hit-and-run perpetrated 2 years ago, that killed a 30-year old person from NJ. The police had been unable to solve the crime at that time. However, the victim's mother rented a bill board that urged anyone who had information on the case, to call the tip line.

Someone did - 2 years later.

In today's world, where one is bombarded with messages, this is a fantastic example of the right message reaching the right person and resulting in the right ending...

For all those who believe that marketing merely creates "wants" that people are otherwise oblivious of, this is a story that totally dispels that notion.

I won't try scoring this item - it speaks for itself, I think.

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