Do buy Dubai!

One generally does not think of a country when one talks about product extensions. But that's just the thought that struck me, as I watched a program on Dubai a few weeks ago. I've known that Dubai is being designed and positioned as a great destination for shopping and for vacations. What I did not realize is that this positioning is a carefully thought out strategy - not simply to being more visitors to Dubai, but to provide an alternative means of sustenance - to reduce the dependence on their natural oil reserves. Now THERE's a product extension, if ever there was one!

What was especially fascinating was that they were creating a man-made barrier reef in the waters. And an unexpected ancillary benefit that came out of this was that new sea life has begun to thrive in these reefs. So - higher revenues from a sustainable resource (versus fossil oils), AND an eco-friendly move.... NICE!!!

My verdict: WOW - as many stars as I can give!

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