Maria Sharapova and Canon

You know the commercial I am referring to? It was played over and over during the Wimbledon matches this year. Though I think I remember seeing it at other times too. You have Maria begging her pooch to pose, pretty please. And her dog keeps making these indignant remarks in French. Sorry, the French connection is lost on me, but then hey, I ain't Maria!

First - here's the verdict: 0.5* out of 6.

Here's why: Ms. Sharapova is completely unconvincing as she pleads with her dog. I REAEEEALY do not think acting is her thing. And the dog's attitude makes you wonder if the cat they had originally cast for the part called in sick and so they just substituted it with a dog?! I mean, how many dogs do you know who would not be all too happy to roll over if his human asked him to?! (I'm a dog-person, can you tell?)

So I tried to figure out WHO the ad was trying to talk to... and I was flummoxed... could not figure it out at all. Maria fans possibly? Well, I wonder what they'd be able to tell you about the product she's promoting (other than the generic "a camera" response)... May be owners of dogs who secretly wished they had a chat instead (no, no, that's not a typo - just a cat in French). I think that's a totally mythical psychograph... Tennis fans? I am from the Steffi-era and am only mildly interested in Tennis these days, but it irritates me to watch Ms. K trying to baby-talk her dog.... Nah, this is a totally forgettable ad! So I give it a 0.5/ 6 stars. The 0.5 is for the dog - hey, I AM a dog-lover :-)

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