UPS, now that's simply brilliant :-)

A news item caught my eye the other day... about how UPS looked at things just a little differently and saved a bunch of money (try the cost of 3.3 million gallons of fuel in just 1 year!). Agreed, I don't benefit directly from this change - but this is a change worth noting. Apart from telling me that this is an entity that thinks, it really is a tangible move a slightly, one hopes, greener world... Also - hey - if it means my package gets me a bit sooner, I'll take it!

UPS has begun to plan delivery routes so that the vehicles spend less time waiting to make a left turn. Drivers make a right instead, deliver packages for that route and then get to the spot on the left. Of course, if more states followed the not-so-intuitive but keeps-traffic-moving convention of jug-handle turns, UPS might not have needed to think in this direction :-) (That's a dig at all those non Jersey residents who are perplexed at having to turn right, to (eventually) make a left :-). Wikipedia does list a number of states other than New Jersey who follow this convention, tho)

My verdict: 6 out of 6 stars!
Absolutely! This is a simple, but brilliant idea, that in my books goes down as product innovation (assuming that the product is Logistics), and hence makes it on my radar. Way to go, UPS :-)

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